Story of 2300 Silicon Valley AI Startups

As many as 2,300 startups were launched in Silicon Valley. Is this insane. Not sure, but one thing is certainly clear. Market correction is bound to happen and course correction, consolidation is likely in very near future. Few companies are likely to succeed while others are left behind.

Silicon Valley AI Startups

A million dollar question is which Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups are going to survive and which one’s will have the demise. The companies that are solving customer or domain problems are likely to succeed while others are bound to tank. At the end of the day, “value” is clearly the differentiator and the startups providing clear cut value are going to see through the day.

Silicon Valley AI startups – Zoox, Zymergen, tie, Anki have attracted combined investments of over $530 million USD.

Alphabet has declared itself a Artificial Intelligence company. Overall, the AI Market is set to grow to $37 billion USD by 2025. Although chatbots are making the rounds, these applications are yet to come to age in terms of contextual intelligence and decision making. Predictive analytics is the new norm and chatbots have succeeded well in this market.

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